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The traditional web application for your FACS transactions.

Current portal

AVS, TradeQuest, File uploads and downloads.

the payment basics done well

Payments and Collections

We deliver products that meet your needs. Our customisable systems can be integrated into your line-of-business systems and administration environment, saving you time and money.

Payments and Collections

Our systems provide you with many channels to import batch data, real time data and capture ad hoc transactions.

Services included in this solution

the new way to collect

Authenticated Collections

Watch this space — exciting innovations coming soon.

payments made easy

EFT Credits

Fast, efficient processing of salaries, payments to accounts and creditors, sweeping transactions and debit order collections. Hyphen can handle large volumes of batch transactions as well as real time transactions like RTC.

traditional collections done simply

EFT Debits

EFT Debits, previously known as Magtape debits or ACB, allows a business or organisation to debit the account of their client in order to fulfil the obligations of an underlying agreement.

fast, instant payments

Real Time Clearing

With RTC, you can move single credit payments in real time to beneficiaries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

advanced collections


NAEDO improves your ability to collect from your debtors by applying various advanced collection measures. The sequence that collection instructions are presented to the debtor’s account is randomised every day to ensure level playing fields amongst financial institutions and creditors. Presentment of the debit instructions occurs in the early debit order window, namely immediately after the bank’s bulk salary credit run. If there are insufficient funds on the debtor’s account the instruction may track up to 32 days on the debtor’s account for a credit of sufficient funds before the collection is processed.

card not present

Credit Card Acquiring

Electronic Checkout, call center payments, recurring transactions ,and custom page development are some of the services offer as part of our eCommerce solution. See our eCommerce solution for more information.

Payments and Collections Diagram

The Benefits

Payments and Collections

  • Streamline payment and collections processes through one channel
  • Consolidation of payment and collections processing formats
  • Process automation of previously manual tasks
  • Reduce manpower expenses due to improved processes
  • Cost Savings related to increased processing efficiency
  • Drastically improved payment status reporting
  • Account Verification and check digit validations

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