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Debit Orders
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Our DebiCheck explained in 4 simple steps

Now you can manage your end-to-end transaction process

  • Register

    01. Register your customer’s mandate
  • Approve

    02. Your customer approves his mandate for the debit order
  • Collect

    03. Debit order is collected from your customer’s account
  • Manage

    04. Oversee all your customers’ mandates

Payments industry launches
new type of debit order

June 2017 - Over the last few years there has been a significant increase in debit orders processed to bank accounts without permission (a mandate) from consumers. On the other hand, irresponsible consumer behavior, where bank customers are disputing debit orders that do have valid mandates, at their banks, has also become a huge concern for the industry.

As a result, the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) requested PASA, which includes the South African Banks, to find a solution. An industry project aiming to enhance and eventually replace certain type of debit orders and thereby contributing substantially to the safety and efficiency of debit orders, was started during 2013.

Now close to implementation, the project will deliver a new type of debit order, called DebiCheck.

DebiCheck collections are new debit orders electronically confirmed by you with your bank on a once-off basis, relating to a new contract that you have signed with a company.

This means that, your bank will now know the details of what you have agreed to and will not allow your DebiCheck collection (or debit order) to be processed outside the terms that you have confirmed.

With DebiCheck, you will be in control.

the new way to manage mandates


The Hyphen Mandate Management system consolidates the various file formats required by your bank into a simple format and includes both mandate requests and responses.

A mandate can be defined as the authorisation given by the Debtor allowing the Creditor to present a collection request against the Debtor’s bank account.

The Hyphen Mandate Management system not only facilitates the management of your DebiCheck mandate at the bank but can also be used as a stand-alone system for any customer mandate you wish to record and manage electronically.

DebiCheck made simple


Clients will submit their DebiCheck Collection to Hyphen on the existing standard FACS format, thus requiring minimal changes to their system to initiate DebiCheck Collection financial requests.

DebiCheck is the new debit order system that will provide a reliable collection environment for both Creditors and Debtors. It provides the Creditor the comfort of knowing that his customer has acknowledged and is aware of the debit order that he has electronically approved. It also allows the bank to record the debit order information and to confirm the collection instruction is within the agreed conditions before they process the debit order.

DebiCheck will protect the Creditor from irresponsible debtor behavior, where their customer disputes a debit order that has a valid mandate. DebiCheck will also protect the Debtor from debit orders processed on his bank account without his permission.

let’s clear things up

Have a

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.
What is DebiCheck?
DebiCheck is the new type of Early Debit Order in South Africa. A DebiCheck collection... is one that the consumer [debtor] confirms electronically on a once-off basis at the start of the contract. Its purpose is for the debtor to confirm and authenticate [approve] the details of the collection [debit order] with his bank prior to any collections being made. In this way the debtor’s bank has sight of approved mandate information and what can validly be collected off the debtor’s bank account.
What is the purpose of an electronic mandate?
An electronic mandate must be raised by the creditor and authenticated [approved] by the debtor... before a DebiCheck collection can be successfully submitted by the creditor. This allows the debtor to have a level of control on debits they allow on their bank account and protects the creditor from invalid disputes.
Who holds the electronic mandate?
The electronic mandate is registered by the creditor through the creditor’s bank to be stored... at the debtor’s bank. Once the electronic mandate is authenticated by the debtor it is deemed valid and will be used by the debtor bank to confirm all subsequent DebiCheck collections conform to the agreed terms of payment.

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