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The traditional web application for your FACS transactions.

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Intelligent Transaction Routing

Payment and collection automation is our passion. With several processing innovations we are able to offer various rule based solutions that will improve the way you collect from your debtors, pay your creditors and invest the balance.

Intelligent Transaction Routing

Improved efficiency as a result of return information being provided to the Client in the same format as that in which it was submitted to Hyphen for easy integration back into Client’s line-of-business system/s.

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Services included in this solution

automated collections

Debit order Interoperability

Interoperability allows the Client the flexibility of processing only selected transactions through the early debit order window. The system will automatically extract those debit orders that have not been successfully collected due to insufficient funds.

cash flow

Treasury Management

Allow our solution strategists to configure our automation to suit your needs. We will ensure that you gain maximum value for funds residing in operating accounts that could be making you money elsewhere.

The Benefits

Intelligent Transaction Routing

  • Cost saving through service type conversion
  • Improved cash management through automated treasury management solutions
  • Improved unpaid ratios using data analytics

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