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The traditional web application for your FACS transactions.

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AVS, TradeQuest, File uploads and downloads.

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Enterprise Reconciliation

Hyphen’s ability to process and reconcile transactions enables your business to improve cash and treasury management processes by having a single view of your transactions via one portal.

Enterprise Reconciliation

You can benefit from the system’s ability to process and reconcile transactions irrespective of the payment stream, e.g. EFT (payments or collections), cheques, deposits, bank statements, journals, etc. This is done from the same platform, using consistent methods.

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Services included in this solution

single source of all transaction movement

Bank Statements

The individual transactions which make up the Bulk contra entries on the bank statement, can be provided to the client electronically for reconciliation purposes. The ability to add more reference fields improves your ability to reconcile, which in turn enhances your working capital management.

eliminate errors

Automated GL Posting

In addition to the generation of on-demand GL Posting files, you’re also able to download and reconcile large volumes of bank accounts, all of which results in cost savings and process efficiencies.

manage cashflow and treasury management

Electronic Cashbook

Our systems give you a single view of all your transactions across all of your accounts going back five years. Authorised users can view, approve, reverse, change and create transactions. This single view allows you to investigate almost any aspect of a transaction.

Our FACS system can be implemented alongside or in place of your existing cash book to enrich information flows.

Enterprise Reconciliation Diagram

The Benefits

Enterprise Reconciliation

  • Data enrichment to facilitate improved treasury management
  • Speedy exception reporting
  • Improved management information
  • Take the hassle out of updating your accounting systems by allowing our systems to post updates into your GL saving you time and money.

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