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The traditional web application for your FACS transactions.

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New Services

Hyphen’s data services takes the hassle out of confirming if accounts and account holders actually exist and ensures that your Client data is accurate and is of high quality.

Data Services

Confirms whether there is a match between the bank account number and identity number of an account holder. Furthermore confirm the account holder’s details such as address, email and deceased status across 25 data sources nationally.

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Services included in this solution

verify the accuracy of your Client’s cell phone number

New Service

Maintaining high levels of data accuracy and in particular the accuracy of your Client’s contact details, is essential to maintaining quality engagement processes with your Clients. This new service will verify whether your Client’s cell phone number matches the ID number as provided.

verify the accuracy of your Client’s email address

New Service

Hyphen can now confirm whether your Client’s email address matches the ID number provided. This information will further improve your ability to contact your Clients via email and ensure that your marketing campaigns are more successful and impactful.

retrieve an email address based on an ID number

New Service

Similar to the Verify Email service, the Retrieve Email service requires an ID number to be provided and the relevant linked email address will be returned. This is particularly useful when updating client contact information on your line of business or CRM system.

ensure your Client’s details are correct

New Service

Hyphen’s new Deceased Verification service will return the individuals Vital status based on the ID number provided. This status can be used as a fraud checking mechanism prior to processing claim payments.

ensure your Client’s account details are correct

Account Verification

Hyphen will confirm if there’s a match between the bank account number and the ID number of an account holder. The service confirms that the bank account is valid, open and active, accepts debit and credit transactions and has been open for more than three months, based on bank responses.

retrieve historic contact information for your Clients

Contact History

Hyphen Data Services now include an additional facility to retrieve historic personal information for an individual. This new service, known as Contact History, provides the ability to retrieve up to 5 historical contact information values for an individual utilising that individual’s ID number.

Data Services Diagram

The Benefits

Data Services

  • Vet new business
  • Maintain data integrity
  • Reduce query administration
  • Trace existing customers

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