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The traditional web application for your FACS transactions.

Current portal

AVS, TradeQuest, File uploads and downloads.

Mobile Payment SDK

Making credit card payments on your mobile app easy. Let Hyphen show you how...

How we simplify it

  • Obtain a TradeQuest profile
  • Get Hyphen Mobile SDK's
  • Simple integration with the SDK
  • Process debit/credit cards

Hyphen’s TradeQuest SDK facilitates the processing of credit/debit card (chip and pin enabled only) transactions through the Merchants mobile application. By integrating directly with our TradeQuest payment gateway merchants can reduce the development time required to integrate with Hyphen. The SDK handles all the authentication, encryption and transacting on the payment gateway. The SDK has support for Apple IOS and Android operating systems.

TradeQuest™, Hyphen’s PCI DSS compliant eCommerce gateway, facilitates on-line credit and debit card transactions seamlessly integrated to your website, mobile application and line-of-business system.

Our Solution complies with all Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, so your eCommerce transactions are in safe hands.

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Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.
Can I process EFT Payments via this platform?

Hyphen facilitates EFT payments and collections using market leading technology. See the Payment and collections to see more on the EFT Space.

Can the system reconcile items on my bank statement?

Yes, all on-line transactions are processed centrally with Hyphen being able to provide your management information and reporting system immediately through your on-line portal. Call us to give you more information on the solutions available to reconcile and manage your transactions including recurring transactions.

Does using SDK still give me all the functionalities that I get from the TQ Payment Gateway?

Yes, all the payment gateway functionality is incorporated within the SDK, your development team simply needs to integrate and leverage the capabilities.

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