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Verification Services

Hyphen’s verification services takes the hassle out of confirming if accounts and account holders actually exist and ensures that your client data is accurate and is of high quality.

Verification Services

Confirms whether there is a match between the bank account number and identity number of an account holder. Furthermore confirm the account holder’s details such as address, email and more across 25 data sources nationally.

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The right information at the right time

Data Quality

Accurate data is the cornerstone of great customer service. Inaccurate and incomplete data can prevent you from contacting your clients, not to mention offend them if you’ve spelt their names wrong or called them Mr when they’re actually a Ms.

Hyphen can normalize data appearance, separate address components, confirm data and add missing data. You supply the customer’s ID number and we’ll ensure you have clean, reliable customer data that makes your business look efficient, reliable and professional.

ensure your details are correct

Account Validation

Hyphen will confirm if there’s a match between the bank account number and the ID number of an account holder. It confirms that the bank account is valid, open and active, that it accepts debit and credit transactions and that it has been open for more than three months.

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The Benefits

Verification Services

  • Vet new business
  • Maintain data integrity
  • Reduce Query Administration
  • Trace Existing Customers
  • Sourced from 25 million data sources ensuring accuracy

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