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The traditional web application for your FACS transactions.

Current portal

AVS, TradeQuest, File uploads and downloads.

Hyphen is always innovating

Our new
web product

Our cutting edge web application allows you to perform tasks with ease and securely access your transactions from anywhere.

Work smarter not harder

Our web portal has been designed and built with a focus on usability first. The all in one solution will allow you to perform all your tasks in one system that is accessible from anywhere.

actual processing of transactions in conjunction with the bank

Real time instant results

our on-line transaction solutions enable smooth and cost effective operation

Everything is on-line in one secure place

we are committed to keeping your accounts and sensitive information secure

100% secure transactions

Encrypted and Secure

Our PCI compliant systems are secure and encrypted giving you the peace of mind to transact on one of the most secure on-line platforms available in the industry today.

Encrypted and Secure
Two factor authentication
using OTP messages and encrypted data ensures that your data and user information is as secure as possible
We get audited!
Our systems are audited on a regular basis by industry leading threat prevention partners

Bulk Import and Mapping

Our upload and mapping facility eliminates the time required to build, create and import your line-of-business data.

Bulk Import and Mapping
Map your source data
with ease
Create mapping templates
to eliminate time spent on importing data

User Experience First

Our customers help us design our applications. The Hyphen portal provides a user centred application experience.

User Experience First
Capture and view
results in one place
Receive meaningful alerts
that allow you to be proactive and make the right decisions at the right time
Find your transactions
at the touch of a button

Real time submission and response

We are integrated with all major banks in Southern Africa providing you with instant results at the touch of a button.

Real time submission and response
Our real-time services
are integrated to allow for industry leading response times

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